An Open Letter to Professing Christian SNP Politicians

Here is the content of a letter sent today to Kate Forbes (MSP) and Ian Blackford (MP)

I am writing to you as the only two professing Christians that I know of within the ranks of the SNP to raise the issue of Derek Mackay.

What a clear example of where the moral compass of the SNP leaves us.  Given that as far as your party is concerned love is the only determining element in whether a relationship is right, why should a 42 year old man not make advances to a 16 year old boy that he finds “cute”?   In a world of righteousness and morality, of course, that would be an abominable thing to do, but in the morally bankrupt society that SNP is pursuing above almost everything than the lost cause of independence, surely that’s something to be praised.   When, O when, will a Christian member of SNP speak out against the vile sexual ideologies of their party instead of sacrificing their spiritual integrity for political advancement?

Interestingly, of course, this news came on the same day when a prominent celebrity ‘came out’ as gay.   If, after 27 years of marriage he had left his wife for another woman he would have been on every front page, labelled as a rat and a love cheat; but in the morally bankrupt days in which we live and which the SNP champion apparently without a dissenting voice among their ranks, even Christians, this same man is hailed as a hero for leaving his wife so that he can pursue homosexual relationships.

I trust that as professing believers you agree that the Bible unequivocally describes homosexual behaviour as an abomination in the sight of God.  In which case, why O why, do you strongly support and identify with a party that puts LGBT policies front and centre all the time. 


John D Brand