The SNP – The Society for the Normalising of Pornography

I am, I can assure you, the least political person I know. I don’t get involved in discussions about politics, and very few people would know what my political persuasions are. I like to keep it that way and focus on Christian things.

However, there are times when even someone like me has to speak out and I have come to the personal conclusion, over a period of time, that there is one political party that is completely incompatible with Christian values and biblical teaching, and that is the SNP. A very knowledgeable friend of mind describes them as the most anti-Christian government in western Europe.

I was alerted this morning by a post by The Wee Flea to this article in the Highland Times which sent shivers down my spine and made my stomach turn. By the way, and I mean this seriously, please do not read this article if you are of a sensitive disposition. This is the latest in a long stream of issues – LGBT, transgenderism, same sex marriage, named person scheme (now thankfully binned) etc etc – that prove that the SNP is much more than a political party; they are seeking to engineer society in a completely anti-Christian direction.

I have in recent months raised some of these things with an SNP MSP and an MP, both of whom profess to be Christians, asking how they can reconcile their party’s position with their Christian beliefs. One never replies, the other says it is important to take Christian views into the public square and you don’t have to sign up to everything the party believes.

Of course, in a normal political party, that last argument might be true, but when the core DNA and ethos of the party is so vehemently anti-Christian, that position doesn’t hold water.

I would challenge any Christian who supports SNP to explain how you can identify with and possibly financially support such an organisation.

Almost all political parties have their flaws and are at odds in different ways with biblical teaching, but none in the UK that I know of does so in the way that the SNP does.

I urge all readers of this blog who are Christians to challenge their SNP MPs and MSPs to address these issues and – in line with the teaching of Scripture – to “come out from her” (Revelation 18:4).