For Once…Good News from Sudan

Many readers of this blog will know of my long association with, and deep commitment to, the cause of the gospel in both Sudan and South Sudan. I spent a number of years travelling in and out of both countries, even before the south seceded, running training course and helping raise finances for various church projects.

For several decades, especially in Sudan, there has been brutal repression and persecution of churches and Christians, something I witnessed at first hand. Then, last year, the evil ruler, President Bashir, was finally removed from power and the country is now transitioning to a more open society.

Last week I heard this statement from a church leader in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital:

We have many doors open… we see a movement of turning to Christ, we need God to help us know how to receive them as we open a ministry called ‘spiritual hospital with Dr Jesus,’ for counselling, healing, and deliverance. People are coming and receiving Jesus! Glory to God!

That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Please be much in prayer for the saints in Sudan, that God will greatly honour their faithfulness to him over many years and bring them into a season of great liberty and fruitfulness.