A Magnificent Messiah

My wife and I have decided in recent years that there’s nowhere better to be on January 2nd than at the annual performance of The Messiah by the Edinburgh Royal Choral Union at the The Usher Hall in Edinburgh. This was our 3rd visit in a row, and our 4th in recent years and, in my opinion, the best yet.

It’s such a thrill to sit and listen to such glorious music and such thoroughly scriptural words, andto hear the gospel so clearly and powerfully proclaimed even though, as I fear, most of those proclaiming it in this way probably had no personal experience of it.

I am currently preaching through Isaiah 53 in a series of monthly meetings and so all the quotations from that passage particularly resonated with me. Singing ‘He was despised’ was the brilliant counter tenor Rory McCleery, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard it sung better or so movingly. I couldn’t find a recording of him singing it, but here’s a clip of another brilliant singer, David Daniels, also doing that beautiful passage of inspired text justice.

I guess I’m not alone in thinking that the climax to The Messiah is The Hallelujah chorus, and it never ceases to thrill, as it did again this year, but what really ‘blew me away’ as they say, was the closing ‘Worthy is the Lamb’ and ‘Amen’. Listen to it here, sung by the London Philharmonic Choir – and WORSHIP!

Today’s performance got a prolonged and well deserved standing ovation and a couple of curtain calls and, God willing, we’ll be back for more next year.