I love the body of Christ!

I have, by God’s grace, been a disciple of Christ for 54 years. I have had the immense privilege of being in a Bible teaching and preaching ministry for 40 years. And the longer I am part of the body of Christ and observe it – despite all its patently obvious flaws and inconsistencies – I love it more and more and am increasingly grateful for it.

I am not talking so much about the local church – that’s a story for another day and another post. I am talking about the Church (universal) of which the church (local) is a glorious part. It is a body made up of many different and varied parts, all of which are necessary for, and contributing to, the good of the whole.

In recent days I have had opportunity to be blessed end enriched by this diverse body that Christ is building for himself and wanted to share these experiences in the first two posts on this new blog.

1. The Evangelist

Is there a more neglected Ephesians 4 spiritual gift than that of the Evangelist?  I doubt it.

This past week, at the wonderful church I have the joy and privilege of serving – Grace Community Church in Broxburn, West Lothian – we had a visit from the evangelist Roger Carswell.  I have known Roger for a good number of years and have witnessed at first hand his passion for, and gifting in, evangelism.  When we decided to hold a focussed week of evangelism in Spring 2020, Roger’s was the first name to come to mind and so he visited us this week to get to know us as as a fellowship and share his heart with us.

When I am considering an evangelist I ask myself two main questions:

  • does he faithfully and passionately preach the true gospel – the gospel of justification alone through Christ’s atoning death on the cross alone?
  • does he have a track record of gospel fruitfulness – is there evidence that God has used him, and continues to use him, for the salvation of men, women and children?

There is no doubt that in Roger’s case the answer to both questions is a resounding yes and so I more than confident to entrust this great work to him as he works alongside us.

As the Lord prompts you, would you pray for us, that in the lead up to next April, and in the week of evangelism itself, God would be greatly honoured as Christ is faithfully preached and many precious souls are gloriously saved?

You can find out more about Roger’s ministry at www.rogercarswell.net